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Maintenance Repair Request

Your lease requires all repair requests be submitted in writing. In order to make this easy for you and to provide a tracking of your request you will be redirected to your tenant portal. We may need to contact you if we have questions regarding your request. You may also help us out by uploading pictures to help us more quickly handle your request.

If you are having a fire or water emergency - or other emergency threatening health and safety or to prevent further damage to property. Please contact your local emergency organization first. (call 911) Then call us at (951) 318-6550 to report your emergency.


Please note that pursuant to your Lease Agreement, you may be charged for any repairs or replacements required at the property due to damage caused by leaseholders, occupants, guests, or pets. In addition, you may be charged a $75 fee if no one is at the home at the time of service to allow access and/or over the age of 18, if the service technician is unable to access the property due to the presence of pet(s), or if you cancel or reschedule your appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice. 

I have read and agree to the terms - Click on the submit button to login to your tenant portal and select repairs

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